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Do you snore?
Are you tired during the day?
Do you just have sleep issues in general?

Luna Sleep Centers are dedicated to providing excellent care with a personal quality touch. Our modern sleep center is focused on promoting better sleep through diagnosis, treatment, education and support to inspire better health through better sleep.

  • Rooms are modern, clean and equipped for comfort
  • Rooms feature a large smart TV with cable, as well as streaming apps and WIFI
  • All rooms have a private bathroom
  • Breakfast and coffee provided the morning after your study

Studies are covered by most insurances, including Medicare, however if you have any questions please call us and we can verify your coverage for you.

In most cases, you do not need a referral from your doctor.

Let us know your questions or if you want to schedule an appointment

I can’t recommend Luna Sleep Centers enough! This clinic is not like the sleep labs of old. (Cold, dark, dungeons from the 70s)

The staff was outstanding. Bryan was awesome and took care of me and any questions or concerns that I had about my visit. Sheila was very detailed and caring with her explanations of my results.

If you need a sleep study, definitely go here!!!

Christopher S

It was a really great experience. Brian was great and talked me through everything. The rooms were top notch and very comfortable given the situation. I would recommend Luna Sleep Centers to anyone. Shelia was also great explains to me the results and was appreciative that I came in.
Adam O

I had a great experience at Luna Sleep Center! Heather and Sheila were awesome! I arrived early for my study and Heather showed me to my room. The rooms are amazing! Big screen tv, queen size bed, and sheets like you would use at home. The room does not even remotely feel like a clinic room. It is almost like you are on vacation. Every room has it’s own bathroom with towels. I am really glad I had my study done at Luna. Thanks to Heather and Sheila, I am on the road to getting better.
Anthony A

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