Your Request Has Been Received

Our sleep center director will reach out to you to get the details of your appointment, discuss your doctor’s instructions, review your insurance information and address any questions you have.

If you have seen our physician and have been diagnosed with OSA please read through this list to get an understanding of the next steps…

The CPAP prescription order
Your sleep physician will order your CPAP system with tracking technology from a home care company.

The CPAP unit set-up
The home care company should call you within a week after your study, often depending on your insurance. They will schedule your CPAP set-up and equipment instruction session.

One month office follow-up appointment
You should have your first CPAP office follow-up appointment set for about four to six weeks after the CPAP set-up. It is very important to bring your smartcard and your mask to this first appointment. This first follow-up is usually to review your card data and clinical progress.

Card Checks
These are recommended every three to six months and whenever you have any problems or changes in your weight, medications or medical conditions.

Routine office follow-up
After the first month office follow-up check, you should see your physician at least once a year. You should also call and follow-up if you have any sleep or CPAP machine problems or have changes in your weight, medications or medical conditions.

CPAP clinic and staff
They are available to help you with any problems or questions.

Unusual problems
Call your physician immediately. If you are sleepy, then do not drive.