Replacing CPAP Supplies

CPAP masks, tubing and filters can loose their shape or develop holes or cracks over time. Therefore, it is important to replace your CPAP supplies on a regular basis. Most insurance companies will pay for replacement supplies. How often you can receive new supplies depends upon your insurance plan. Call your home care company to find out when you are due for new supplies.

To order new supplies, call your home care company. It usually takes about 7-10 business days to get your supplies once you have placed your order.

In general, supplies can be replaced:

Full face mask with headgear: every 6 months

Nasal mask with headgear: every 6 months

Nasal pillow mask with headgear: every 6 months

Full face mask cushions: 1 per month

Nasal mask cushions: 2 per month

Nasal pillows (inserts): 2 per month

Tubing: 1 every 3 months

Reusable (black foam): 1 every 6 months

Ultra fine disposable (white fiber with tab, sits behind black filter): 2 per month

Non-disposable (white): 1 every 6 months

Humidifier: Water chamber: 1 every 6 months

Please note: the above information is based upon 2009 Medicare guidelines and may vary by insurance carrier.

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