Sleep Study FAQs

What do I do on the day of the test?

Eat dinner before reporting for your sleep study.
Take your regular medications and bring your medications with you.
Bring a book, magazine or newspaper.
Bring something comfortable to sleep in and slippers.
Bring your toiletries such as your toothbrush, toothpaste and comb.
Bring your insurance information.

Drink or eat a large amount of caffeine within 12 hours of your test (This includes soda, coffee, tea and chocolate.)
Nap on the day of the test
Use creams, oils or sprays on your hair or skin on the day of your test.
Make sure to remove any weaves or hair extensions. We have to be able to get to your scalp.

What accommodations does LUNA Sleep Center have?

You will have your own bedroom and bathroom, equipped with shower facilities. Pillows and blankets will be provided. We perform sleep studies six nights a week and can accommodate you if your normal sleeping pattern is during the day. If you have any special needs, such as a wheelchair or oxygen, please let our staff know when you schedule your study.

The Sleep Center is an outpatient facility and does not have night nurses, aides or any medications. If you are required to stay for daytime testing (Multiple Sleep Latency or Maintenance of Wakefulness Test), then you will be provided with breakfast and lunch.

Will the recording be painful?

No. Patients with sensitive skin may notice mild skin irritation from the electrode paste or adhesive. Please inform the staff when you confirm your appointment if you have any allergies to latex, etc.

Request an Appointment

Our sleep center director will reach out to you to get the details of your appointment, discuss your doctor's instructions, review your insurance information and address any questions you have.