Your CPAP Titration Study

If your sleep apnea is severe, then you may have been started on CPAP during your first sleep study.

If not, then you will need to return to the sleep lab for another overnight sleep study. This study will determine how much air pressure is needed to keep your airway open and prevent breathing pauses in your sleep.

During this study, you will once again be attached to sensors and wires that transmit data to a computer. This time, however, a sleep technician will fit you with a mask and begin treatment with a CPAP machine. This machine pumps air into your airway to prevent breathing pauses while you sleep. The technician will monitor your breathing and make adjustments to the CPAP machine during the night. She/he will find the level of air pressure that keeps your airway open and helps you breathe easily in your sleep.

Your technologist will fit you with the mask that works best for you. If you breathe through your mouth while sleeping, then you will most likely need a mask that covers your nose and mouth. If you are able to sleep with your mouth closed, then you may be able to use a nasal or nasal pillow mask. Wearing a mask may take some time to get used to; just do your best during this study. Please let your technologist know if your mask is uncomfortable, so that they can make adjustments or try a different mask.

Once your titration study is complete, your data will be interpreted, and the results will be forwarded to your referring doctor. If your doctor determines that CPAP therapy is right for you, then the physician will write a prescription for you to get your own CPAP mask and unit to use at home.

If you saw LUNA Sleep physician and have not received your CPAP, please call our clinical office at 205-917-LUNA.

If you saw our physician and do not have a one month office follow-up appointment, please call the clinical office at
205-917-LUNA to schedule one.

We hope your sleep test and CPAP care are positive experiences and that they help you to have better sleep and better health!