Follow Up Care

It is very important to obtain the proper sleep apnea follow-up care to make sure that CPAP therapy is working well for you.

You should always bring your CPAP smartcard to all of your follow-up appointments.

Your first follow-up appointment will be with a LUNA Sleep Center physician. Please remember to bring your smartcard to this appointment, so that adjustments can be made, if needed.

Your first follow-up office appointment should occur about one month after your initial CPAP set-up. If you do not have this appointment scheduled, please call the office at 205-917-LUNA.

If you have not received a CPAP unit, please call our clinical office at 205-917-LUNA.

Some insurance plans, including Medicare, now require that patients starting on PAP therapy (CPAP, Bilevel and ASV) have a follow-up appointment with their doctor within 30 to 90 days of starting PAP therapy. These rules also state that you must show (usually through smartcard/modem data) that you have used your PAP unit 70 percent of nights, for at least four hours per night, during a consecutive 30-day period. Without proper documentation, some insurers may deny further PAP coverage, and you may be responsible for equipment costs.

If you saw LUNA Sleep physician and have not received your CPAP, please call our clinical office at 205-917-LUNA.

If you saw our physician and do not have a one month office follow-up appointment, please call the clinical office at
205-917-LUNA to schedule one.

We hope your sleep test and CPAP care are positive experiences and that they help you to have better sleep and better health!